Meet Julie


I chose photography as a career because it gives me the chance to capture moments in time and share my own perspective. Photography is such a gift, being able to send a gorgeous landscape view to friends and family, or sharing the magical "I do" moment with loved ones. I get to give that gift with every flash of the camera and there is no greater feeling. There are no rules in photography, just freedom to express and let your images speak to people however they will ... a true definition of art.

My varied experiences have changed the way I look at the world, and the way I photograph it. After earning my degree in photography from the University of Illinois, including spending six months shooting in Italy, I worked in Chicago for eight years where I balanced freelance with building and running the in-house photo studio at Groupon. I recently returned to my hometown of Chicago to run my photography business full time after spending a year traveling throughout Southeast Asia. I now balance my work with being a mom to my baby boy.  It is amazing to be able to transition between different areas of the world, both photographically and physically; it helps me maintain balance in my work and gives me an ever-changing pallet.

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